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You can follow this type of unban request only if you were banned by an admin from

If you want your case solved as soon as possible we recommend u to use this following form for ALL unban requests:

GN Auth: <your GN auth>
Ban: <the ban you received>
Match ID: <The ID of the match you got banned for>
Banned by: <The Admin who banned you>

Please give us also a small statement why you think that the ban should be removed and or why do you think it is wrong.

Here is an example:

GN Auth: guzmanu
Ban: leaver
Match ID: #929292
Banned by: Monkadi
Reason: My internet crashed during the match and stayed down for about 1 hour, so i had no chance to continue playing.

For reports:

GN user: <your GN username>
Reported user: <reported user>
Reason: <why you want to report him>
Gather ID: <ID of that matche>
Proof: <screenshot/demo/another proof>


GN user: guzmanu
Reported user: Monkadi
Reason: Flame
Gather ID: #123456
Proof: screenshot

And wait for an answear, our managers will solve your case.

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