How to Launch Gather in IRC

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How to Launch Gather in IRC

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First Check if is any Server Available at Click Me then you send a message to bot (CS-Gather-LV) with ip and pw !

/msg CS-Gather-LV addgame ip pw
bot will say this:
[« Server: ip »][« Password: pw »][« Rcon: <bot give a rcon> »][« If this information is correct, use '/msg CS-Gather-LV info ok'»]
and you type:
/msg CS-Gather-LV info ok

and your Game is Launched.. After that you go to Main Channel ( #CS.Gather.LV ) and type:

!addme [« Adds you to the game »]
!fair [« Bot Make fair teams according skillpoints »]
!addmap <map> [« Force a map to play »]
!addtype [« Set game type (eg: AC ON , MR 15, Fun Gather »]

and if you dont want to manage your Game, you can do:

!newadmin nick [« Change the Current Admin»]

If in any case you wish to stop gather before it reached 10 users : /msg CS-Gather-LV endgame
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