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To avoid, that people are getting level 4 too fast/easy and relax then, we adjust the requirements for lvl4 from now on:

- more than 100 gathers managed with channel (not necessarily)
- over 500 gathers played ( on the GN profile ) (necessarily)
- BEHAVE in a mature, correct and fair way
- NO flaming!
- no reports about wrong behaviour from other users (if they turn out to be unjustified - np)
- calme and correct way of managing gathers
- correct banpoints (valid reason, correct ID's, EXPLANATIONs - not only "troublemaker #match id")
- helping other players in the channel. For instance if they can't auth or don't know how to enter their Steam ID.

And remember our channel is 'langauge free' which means that any langauge is allowed .

These are only a few points, but in the end WE decide whether someone becomes a level 4 admin or not. This should be something special. Something, that should be earned. Level 4 admins should set an example for other users.

Also note, that level 4 doesn't mean that you can stop to manage gathers at all!
Permanent admins who are inactive for a long time, without informing a manager or me, or start to behave wrong (e.g. flaming, breaking the rules, ...) will lose their level.

We decided to remove the level's of blAzn and phIL, because they are both inactive and doesn't fit the requirements anymore.
Sorry guys, and thanks for the good work you did in the past, hope to see you again and active:)

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