Read before posting!

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Read before posting!

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Minimum Requirements:

Your Gather-Network profile must show the following:
- Main channel is set to
- 150 gathers played
- Member for at least 2 month
- A NORMAL relation between 'played gathers' and 'banpoints'
- A Steam ID is set
- A Quakenet auth is set

Furthermore you must meet this demands:
- 16 years or older
- Good english knowledge
- Willingness to learn and improve things
- Accepting and obeying rules
- Register at this forum (otherwise you can't create a thread)

If you meet all the requirements you can start with the application.
Start a NEW thread and put your GN nick in the topic.

Arrow give a link to your GN account: e.g.

Arrow and answer these questions:

1. What is your age and location?
2. What is your experience on the Gather-Network?
3. What qualities should a good admin have?
4. Why do you want to become an admin? Why should we pick you as admin?
5. Why do you want to become an admin in and not in another channel?
6. What will you do, when you face a problem and don't know how to deal with it?
7. You know admin commands and rcon commands?
8. Language spoken?

After you've finished your application just wait patiently !
A manager will read your thread and will modify it like this:

ACCEPTED - This user has been accepted for an interview on
APROBBED - This user has become admin.
REJECTED - This user has been rejected for certain reasons.
TEST FAILED - This user has accepted but he wrong at Admin Test.

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