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CS.Gather.LV IRC Channels

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Here is a list with CS.Gather.LV IRC Channels:

#cs.gather.lv - Public channel, everybody can join there, you can play and find gathers there.

#cs.gather.lv.help - This channel is for problems/questions/unban requests/admin reports, tell your problem directly on the channel and somebody will help you. If you was helped by a our admin, please leave from the channel, only our admins and managers can stay idle there.

#cs.gather.lv.recruits - Channel for admins recruits, if nobody answer you on the website, join there and wait voice. Only managers are able to stay idle there, admins and other users will be kicked.

#cs.gather.lv.admin - CS.Gather.LV admin channel is only for our admins/sponsors/managers, if a other user join there, he will be automaticaly kicked.

#cs.gather.lv.staff - Private channel and invite only. This channel is only for our leaders/managers/sponsors. If somebody join there and he isn't cs.lv staff member, he will be banned.

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