Managers And Admin Rules

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Managers And Admin Rules

Mesaj  Monkadi la data de Vin Mar 12, 2010 7:41 pm

On top of the GN section rules :

Admins MUST avoid anything listed bellow !

1) Flaming ON ANY LANGAUGE will be presecuted
2) Kicking Baning users from irc/game server will be persecuted
3) Abusing Admin Powers ( Adding wrong bans , adding bans on personal reasons , adding unfair bans (to high / to low) , BAD MANNERS TO OTHER USERS will be persecuted .
4) Removing bans without colaboration with the admin who gave ban will be persecuted . Before you remove a ban, listen the both storyes from player and from admin . And better of to that just take an advice from a collegue to remove that ban or no !

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