HLTV helpers needed

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HLTV helpers needed

Mesaj  Monkadi la data de Dum Mar 07, 2010 10:28 am

AS far as you can see we have now our HLTVS on the server from .

HLTV working very simple . IP of server is already there al you need to do is press start button or stop button .

HLTV recording time is 2 hours after that it will be stoped automaticly .
HLTV demos 5 demos per HLTV then you need to delete demos to keep recording .

I am currently looking for trusted admins who want to use this HLTV on gathers and want to help us make our channel cleaner .

Duties :
Start HLTV for servers if you see HLTV time is finished you can press start Button to start it again .
Answer HLTV demo requests on our forum !
Making sure HLTV`s are always on server .
Delete demos if demo capacity is full

By making this we will keep our channel cleaner !

Aplications : PM to Monkadi

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